July 1, 2021

I am very pleased to share exciting news about the Flint Repertory Theatre Education program!

This week the respective boards of the Flint Cultural Center Corporation and Flint Institute of Music completed a consolidation that will welcome the Whiting Auditorium and the Capitol Theatre to the Flint Institute of Music. Our organizations have been exploring the viability of this migration of operations of The Whiting and Capitol Theatre to FIM from FCCC for more than 18 months.

The consolidation has resulted in new business divisions which more effectively align the needs of the organization with those of our patrons and families. The professional theatre program, Flint Repertory Theatre, will become part of the Artistic Initiatives and Community Programming Partnerships Division, while the instructional theatre program, Flint Repertory Theatre Education, will transfer to the Flint School of Performing Arts.

The organizational consolidation provided an opportunity to combine all instructional programming - from birth to adult - into our new Music, Dance and Theatre Division of FIM, of which the Flint School of Performing Arts is a part. We feel this is wonderful news! The storied history of the Flint Youth Theatre will continue alongside the Flint Youth Ballet and Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra as the pinnacle instructional program for theatre within the new division. We'll have everyone - students, faculty and teaching artists - together where they can maximize their collective performing arts experience.

We're now entering a new phase, which is all about integration of people and programs. The familiar faces you're used to from the Flint Repertory Theatre Education program will not change but their offices will move to FSPA. Future communication regarding class offerings and locations, registration and tuition assistance information, will all come from the FSPA office. Please be patient as we migrate theatre instruction information from the Flint Repertory Theatre website to the FSPA website in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please contact Samuel Richardson, FSPA Theatre Department Chair, at 810-237-2522 if you have questions.
As the largest community school of the arts in Michigan, the addition of theatre instruction to the FSPA creates one of the most comprehensive performing arts instructional programs anywhere in the country. The opportunity for enhanced collaboration within the expanded school and across the professional artistic division is an exciting development for students of all ages.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the Flint Repertory Theatre Education program, Flint Repertory Theatre and FIM in general. We couldn't be us without you!

My best wishes to you always,

Rodney Lontine
Flint Institute of Music President & CEO
Whiting/Capitol Managing Director