Flint Repertory Theatre Education Virtual Classroom

“All the worlds a stage…” – William Shakespeare (As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII)

And to show that this is true, Flint Repertory Theatre Education will be posting theatre activities and games you can do at home on your own stage.   Your stage could be your living room, bedroom, front porch, backyard, or even your kitchen. So, be sure to like our page, set it as a favorite and check in every day for ways to keep on acting!

Oh, and be sure to get your parents or guardians permission before submitting anything to us!

We look forward to seeing your creativity as you continue to Get Into The Act!

Monday, 9/14/2020

Tuesday, 9/15/2020

Connects to: 
Imagination, critical thinking, creativity, acting, writing
Materials Needed: 
Something to write with, your body and your imagination
How To Play:
Watch this video 

Wednesday, 9/16/2020

Flint Rep Education has embarked on a brand new endeavor through its Virtual Classroom and we need your help…watch the video below to find out how!

LINK https://flintrep.org/covid-chronicles/

Thursday, 9/17/2020

Connects to: 
Technical theatre, critical thinking, light design
Materials Needed: 
A lamp, flashlight, or other light source
How To Play:
Watch this video 

Friday, 9/18/2020

All classes start next week and we want you to help us make ALL THE WORLD A STAGE!
Go to our education page for more information about classes for ages 4-Adult.