New Works Festival Submissions

The New Works Festival is an annual weeklong event featuring staged readings and workshops of new plays and musicals. Playwrights and composers from around the country are in residence in Flint during the process, which includes post-show audience discussions.

Submissions for the 2023 New Works Festival are now CLOSED. We will open submissions for the 2024 New Works Festival in the Fall of 2023.

To submit a script to the theatre for general interest, please fill out the form HERE. These scripts will NOT be considered for the New Works Festival. If you have already submitted to the New Works Festival, you do not need to submit to the theatre as well. 

Contact Sasha Dudock (Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director) at with any literary questions.

Previous New Works Festival playwrights include Mando Alvarado, Gregory Bonsignore, Greg Kotis, Jenni Lamb, Gordon Leary & Julia Meinwald, Douglas Lyons & Creighton Irons, Daniel MacGregor, Alex Moggridge, Amber Palmer, Karen Saari, Nandita Shenoy, Charlie Sohne & Tim Rosser, Abbie Spallen, Caridad Svich, James Anthony Tyler, Ken Urban, and Josh Wilder. For more information visit New Works Festival.