By Nandita Shenoy
Directed by Kathryn Walsh

How far would you go to ensure your political party’s future? 
Set in the not-too-distant future, this comic send-up of wellness spas and self￾empowerment retreats focuses on four women who reflect on what’s needed to be seen as fully female. Throughout their week-long journey at the Future is Freedom  Retreat, the women bond over their collective dislike of naming their sleeping quarters in honor of the female goddess within, changing their diets to enhance their  womanly cycles and an overwhelming desire to ingest copious amounts of meat and gluten. All the while, the women are unsuspecting players in a plot to foil the conservative governmental forces through ‘divine femininity.’

Developed in our 2022 New Works Festival

FridayFebruary 3, 20238pmOpening Night
SaturdayFebruary 4, 20238pm 
Sunday February 5, 20232pm 
WednesdayFebruary 8, 20232pm 
ThursdayFebruary 9, 20237pmCollege Night
FridayFebruary 10, 20238pm 
SaturdayFebruary 11, 20238pm 
SundayFebruary  12, 20232pm 
WednesdayFebruary 15, 20232pm 
ThursdayFebruary  16, 20237pm 
FridayFebruary 17, 20238pm 
SaturdayFebruary 18, 20238pm 
SundayFebruary 19, 20232pm 


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The Future Is Female is sponsored by Joanne Wood